UMI Arts is unique in the Australian arts landscape as an arts and cultural organisation governed by an all-Indigenous Board of Directors.

Our mission is to enable First Nations Australians to participate in the maintenance, preservation, and protection of their cultural identity through visual art and craft. UMI Arts serves the vast geographical region of Far North Queensland and provides professional support to First Nations artists and cultural practitioners – many of whom reside in communities without access to an Art Centre. We assist members who identify as emerging artists, all the way through to professional artists seeking professional development.  

More than just an arts organisation, UMI Arts provides a pathway to self-determination for individuals and communities. This is achieved by providing targeted training and skill development (informed by grass-roots feedback on the barriers to entering the arts industry) and developing real pathways to success. Drawing on over 17 years of success, UMI Arts is proud to provide a platform for exhibition and sales, and are constantly developing and seeking out new opportunities and pathways for our member artists

UMI Arts is committed to growing on the success achieved to date, through building and expanding existing and new partnerships. As the region’s lead First Nations arts and cultural organisation, UMI Arts’ vision and programs are guided by sound planning and the strong Indigenous voices who hold the memories, traditions, culture and hopes of First Nations people.